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Golftycoon murdered 


Tob Cohen, 69, originally from the Netherlands and living in Kenya for 32 years had been missing since July 20, 2019. The Kenyan wife of the Dutch former CEO of Philips, Sarah W.K.,51, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of her husband Tob Cohen. 

Tob Cohen organized golf trips in Kenya with his company "Tobs Kenya Golf Safaris, Travel & Events"

Tob and his wife Sarah were embroiled in a bitter divorce when he disappeared


September 17, 2019

bitter struggle for legacy, Tob leaves his estate to his sister according to testament but Sarah claims to be half owner of Cohen's possessions


Contract was given to build a small house on top of the tank to perpetually seal the site


September 14, 2019

The murder was a plot a down payment was made and 4 men still on the run


September 13, 2019 

Body Tob Cohen found

The body was found in a septic tank on his estate in Nairobi

The body was tied up and in bad condition








"The body which was wrapped with many layers of clothing revealed signs of torture before his murder"


Warning: this image can be experienced as shocking:


September 12, 2019

Missing tycoon: Judge orders mental test for Sarah Kamotho

"Ms Kamotho’s lawyer Phillip Murgor protested her continue detention alleging that his client has been sexually harassed by one of the investigators"

Nairobi police arrested a second suspect in the disappearance of Tob Cohen 

identity not yet revealed

AD news report:

Tob Cohen's sister will be present at the hearing on the case against Cohen's (ex)wife Sarah W.K.


According to the family of Tob Cohen he discovered his wife wanted to scam him and then he filed for divorce

Google translate:

"she had made herself the co-owner of the luxury villa by forging his signature and misusing his personal details without his knowledge. He also discovered that Sarah had protested against the Kenyan citizenship he had applied for and that she would use his money to build a hotel in her native village."

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The tob cohen murder